Our Work

We work together to reach out to other groups who share our vision of a free, public education for all: an education that cultivates social responsibility. Whether you’re ready to lend a hand at one of our events or have photos or articles to share about how communities learn together, here’s the place to do it. 

About Us

We are a 501c3 non-profit collaborative that cultivates partnerships with both public and private organizations committed to ensuring access to learning opportunities for low-income students in Utah.  We believe in learning that promotes Creativity, Commitment to others, and Challenge.

We are glad you are visiting our site. This is our online meeting place, where we organize our activities, share ideas, recruit others, and publicize our work.

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Generosity of mind, heart, and will to cultivate effective collaborative efforts across organizations and among individuals and groups to benefit Utah students;

Learning experiences designed to develop academic stamina, resiliency, and student engagement for future career and college;

Opportunities focused on interdisciplinary learning in science, mathematics, and humanities;

Real partnerships designed to put student learning at the center of every decision;

Innovative strategies to support long-term organizational goals that benefit children and youth;

Appreciation for and commitment to youth and their right to equal access to a high quality education that promotes Creativity, Commitment, Challenge and Compassion.

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Join Us

Whether you are a lifetime advocate of educational opportunity and equal access for all children or someone who is new to advocacy work, we invite you to join us. We welcome new ideas and value enthusiasm from members and volunteers.

2516 Hartford St., Salt Lake City, UT