Design Thinking at its BEST - A Stanford human centered process: Utah students from elementary to high school (from Bountiful Middle School to Fremont High School), during an eight week after school enrichment program at Traverse Mountain Elementary in Utah county, in a weeklong summer camp at the world class Utah Museum of Natural History.

Developing 21st century skills for career and college, students address real world problems in design teams by:   

  • practicing collaborative skills through careful listening and thoughtful speaking, 
  • using interviewing skills with potential clients for product development,
  • creating empathy maps, 
  • making inferences, 
  • ideating, 
  • creating prototypes for client feedback and ongoing iteration, and;
  • presenting a final version of the prototype,


Generosity that lasts a lifetime for Utah students, their families, and communities.

Level One: Scholarships for Young Authors of Utah, Young Artists of Utah, Young Design Thinkers

Level Two: Grants for teams of teachers to develop Learner-Centered Curricular Experiences


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