Utah's Children's Press: Young Authors of Utah 

A collaborative project among teachers in schools across Utah   


The first goal is to create opportunities for authentic student writing projects.

The second goal is to support conversation in the family language and create a home library so the bi-literacy is valued and maintained.

The vision is that younger students are mentored by older students and, as resiliency research asserts, high expectations and a commitment to something greater than the self promotes a sense of purpose and social responsibility.

Student authors write books in multiple formats and use a variety of computer programs to create not just a book, but an opportunity for a literacy event.

Older students read and share with the younger students: ideas about the illustrations, text structures, the ideas, the science concepts, and possible design challenges.

At the end of this experience younger students will share this event with their parents in their home language and add another resource to their family. 

How do I contribute to increasing family libraries?

All donations for books written by students and 

published for family libraries are tax deductible.